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Thank you so much for your interest in serving as a mentor in CAL’s Emerging Artist Mentorship Program, 2019.  CAL is looking for mentors who work in a wide variety of media, who have a passion for what they do, and the compassion to share it with a young, developing artist.

We hope to create an experience that is meaningful and fulfilling to both artist-mentor and student participants.  Our success depends largely on pairing students with the right person.  In order to help us make the best matches, please tell us more about yourself.


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Please provide 3 personal references who are not related to you and can attest to your character.
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Please read the following agreements and check all those that apply. (*Starred items are requisite for all participating mentor artists. Non-starred items are optional.)
*I understand that I am making a commitment to meet with my students on a bi-monthly basis, at minimum, and to attend several all-group critiques at CAL over the course of the next mentoring session (January 2019-May 2019), and possibly spending additional time outside of the studio with a young, aspiring artist or group of artists, getting to know them, and guiding and supporting them in their artistic goals.
 *I understand that I am expected to discuss progress with other mentorship ensembles and share ideas as well as receive guidance from mentor coaches if needed.
 *I understand that I am to maintain open lines of communication with CAL regarding attendance, behavioral issues, struggles, or other concerns throughout the program.
 I am willing to work with more than one student (up to 3) at a time.
 I am willing to work with individuals who may have special physical, emotional, or cognitive needs, and/or a language barrier.
 I am willing to assist in providing transportation for my protégé if needed, permitting a parent or legal guardian has agreed to this. (If answering “yes”, I can provide proof of valid driver’s license and insurance.)